Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dark Goddess List

Need a comprehensive list of dark goddesses?
You found it!
These goddesses are by no means evil, and should be invoked when your goal is psychic power, banishing, dream magick, hexing, divination, or anything best saved for the dark moon.
A word to the wise: they are not your servants, whores, or playthings. Treat them with respect, and you shall be rewarded. Fail to do so, and they shall respond accordingly.

Dark Goddesses
by Coraluca Zell Soleil

Aradia - Daughter of Diana and Lucifer. Born in Italy circa 1300, she was the inspiration for Strega Witchcraft. Sent to teach the mysteries of magick and the craft. A maiden goddess of magick, spirituality, dreams, immortality, passion, intuition, and divination.

Bast - Egyptian goddess of cats, shapeshifted into feline form beneath the full moon. Aids in seeing that which is hidden in shadow. Bisexual maiden goddess of beauty, independence, grace, strategy, awareness, dreams, intution, and magick.

Cerridwen - Welsh mother/crone goddess, keeper of the great cauldron of transformation. Teaches the mysteries of death and rebirth, and bestows the wisdom of magick. Her brewing potion represents creativity, intution, inspiration, knowledge, and power.

Diana - Roman maiden goddess of the moon. Her domain is the dark forest. As Aradia's mother, she is the mother of all witches, protecting them as she does animals, both wild and domestic. Represents "virginity" as independence, wholeness, and autonomy. Also assists with spells for strength, courage, willpower, cleansing, and protection. She has a special affinity for solitaries.

Durga - Hindu warrior goddess of fire. She has ten arms, and is often seen holding a great sword or spear, victorious over her enemies. She is the oldest Hindu goddess, and the most powerful. Other "devi" are said to be alternate forms of Durga. She represents knowledge, power, and justice, and assists with spells for protection, retribution, willpower, balance, and victory.

Hecate - Greek crone goddess, gatekeeper of the underworld, the guardian of the crossroads. Known also as the goddess of witchcraft. She lends power to spells for diviniation, intuition, banishing, protection, and transformation. Invoke her justice against those who have harmed a witch.

Isis - Egyptian mother goddess, said to be a messianic figure like Aradia. Queen goddess of magick, love, beauty, fertility, and creativity. Her dark mysteries were taught in temples of priestesses devoted to her sacred path. Invoke her power in spells for protection, divination, dream magick, intuition, strength, and banishing.

Kali - Hindu goddess of death and destruction, fierce and sometimes violent, often seen wearing a necklace of skulls. Her wrath is powerful against evil-doers. Invoke for vengeance, retribution, justice, protection, hexing, banishing, cleansing, and transformation.

Lilith - Sumerian maiden goddess, first wife of Adam. My personal primary goddess, often called a demon by Christians who believed she was intent upon devouring their infants. She defied Adam, refusing to be sexually dominated by him, and was therefore cast out of Eden. Call upon her dark power in spells for defiance, banishing, hexing, protection, retribution, psychic ability, divination, dream magick, and transformation.

Morrigan - Celtic goddess of fire, water, magick, death, and the moon, weaver of Fate. Often associated interchangably with the demigoddess-priestess Morgaine le Fey. Her most common symbol is the raven, into which she shapeshifts when the moon is full or dark. She presides over Avalon, the realm of dreams and magick. Invoke in spells for psychic power, transformation, banishing, protection, intuition, divination, and dream magick.

Persephone - Greek maiden goddess of the Underworld. Although patriarchal myth tells of her being kidnapped and raped by Hades, older matriarchal mythology suggests that she willingly journeyed through the darkness with Hecate (Hades' female predecessor) to learn the mysteries of her own psyche and the powers of the earth. She emerges reborn and whole. Assists with spells for courage, transformation, intuition, psychic power, divination, and dream magick.

Tiamat - Babylonian mother goddess of the deep ocean, and therefore the deep subconscious mind. She has also been called the "dragon mother of earth" and resides in cold stone caves, in the darkest depths of the ocean. Invoke her chaotic power for creativity, fertility, intuition, psychic abilities, and transformation.

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